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Trichomoniasis is infectious-inflammatory ill, sexually transmitted. Its activator represent the elementary unicells from a grade flagellar – trichomonads (Trichomonas vaginalis). Trichomoniasis, at present, it is considered one of especially widespread venereal sores.

The trichomonad – the individual image of the elementary which are living hardly in the urinogenital unit of creation and not amazing creatures. It to store viability in a seed, urine, water and in dank a combination in a stream of 25 periods. However, to catch household way (in oceanarium or shower) actually is impossible. At men's at trichomoniasis surprise the urethral channel and prostate metal. At persons, except the urethral channel, they parasitize in metal and a cunt threshold, the channel of a neck bodies. Illness transferring doesn't lead evolve the shown immunity. Repeatedly trichomoniasis it is combined with others venereal ills, for example, a gonorrhoea, a clamidiosis. In precedent of presence of accompanying infections treatment is spent in parallel. Earlier risk of an indisposition trichomoniasis underestimated, but in authentic the moment it is proved that it increases an admissibility of the message of a HIV-infection at sexual contacts and danger of premature similarity. At men's trichomoniasis can lead to prostatitis progress, barreness.

Allocate three forms ill: sharp, constant (since an infection instant has passed more strongly two months) and trichomoniasis (there are no displays). The clinical situation at men's and aunts as the requirement, differs and is more reflected at the final. In subjection from a site in the urinogenital organization of the lady, it can be observed colpitis or vagina ignition (an itch, burning, reddening of genitals and a perineum, plentiful the allocation, pulling long in the bottom of a paunch, a grief at the intercourse). At defeat of the urethral channel and an uric ball – a sick urination, puffiness of an urethra. At men's at sharp to a stamp trichomoniasis can have space plentiful purulent allocation and a blood impurity in urine, at long – allocation grayish colourings, but more often indicators absolutely are absent. Diagnostics is spent by laboratory detection of the activator.

Treatment of trichomoniasis imagines from itself complex physiotherapy which is put exclusively by the doctor. At flowing it is considered a course of course of an illness and specific properties of the patient. Treatment follow at detection in organism trichomoniasis vaginalis, is independent from presence or absence at surveyed attributes inflammatory procedures. If the trichomonad is found out in one of companions treatment is necessary for both of them, because to be guided inevitably to inform personal sexual companions on requirement of inspection and treatment, to refrain from the sexual intercourses before the developed treatment. Treatment of trichomoniasis contains in itself: local treatment, etiotropic and immunocorrecting means, biostimulators, vitamins. For its realization it is necessary uninterrupted laboratory control. The first control inspection follow later 7-10 environments for the conclusions of a step of treatment, also repeat it at persons in a stream of three menstrual cycles. Let's add that herbal medicine is presented to increase influence of medicines, making active at yielded immune result and reducing possibility evolve complications. Grassy concourses can be applied in meeting with other means, and improvement comes through 2-3 weeks of a systematic way.

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