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Types of drugs

All existing medical products can be united in some groups under similar characteristics. Types of medicines will look in that case so:

  • By principles of application of those or other medical products in therapy medicines can be divided into anti-inflammatory preparations, on medicines for decrease in indicators of arterial pressure and upon means against fungi and microbes.
  • On the effect caused by medical products, preparations share on means for expansion of blood vessels, on reducing vascular spasms, on soothing preparations.
  • On a chemical compound of medical products it is possible to allocate, for example, means on the basis of acetilsalicylic acid and other.
  • Medical products are divided by a nosology principle. In other words, separate means can be used only for therapy of the certain, concrete disease, for example, antiasthmatic preparations. Others can be applied as universal medicines, for example, analginum.

Types of medicines can be allocated on the basis of area, system or body which they influence. By such principle following types of medicines are allocated:

  • The medicamentous preparations affecting in basic on CNS. It is possible to carry soporific and narcotics, preparations To such preparations against spasms and spasms, preparations against depression and neuroleptics, cough remedies and vomitings, tranquilizers and analgetics.
  • The medicamentous preparations affecting peripheral nervous system.
  • The preparations influencing receptors, located in the terminations of nervous fibres. The means rendering local effect of anesthesia, for example, of means of knitting property and novocaine concern the given type of medicines. Besides, it is possible to carry the means possessing effect of derivation to the given type of medicines – cooling connections (menthol), essences snake and bee sting and other.
  • The medicines affecting heart and vessels, for example, preparations against an arrhythmia, for improvement and blood circulation normalization in concrete fabrics and an internal, means against spasms and the preparations regulating indicators of arterial pressure.
  • diuretic, that is preparations which promote the strengthened branch of urine, and means against formation in a bladder.
  • Medical products for liver treatment.
  • Medicamentous means for stimulation or removal of pressure from uterine muscles.
  • The preparations normalizing metabolic processes in an organism. Hormonal preparations and means similar to them, vitamin and mineral complexes, enzymes, preparations concern such type of medicines for adjustment of normal coagulability of blood and regulating cholesterol level, stimulators of metabolic processes, preparations for deducing from an organism of toxins and slags.
  • The medicamentous means correcting and supporting immunity.
  • Means with antioxidant property.
  • Medical products against pathogenic microbes, viruses, parasites, mushrooms. It is possible to carry to the given type of medicines antibiotic and antiseptics.
  • Means which are used at therapy of cancer pathologies, in particular the cytostatics, distributions of cancer cages braking process, and hormonal antagonists.
  • The means used at diagnosing, for example, contrast liquids.
  • Other types of medicines of every possible groups of pharmacology: sorbents and saccharides, means of photoprotective property, preparations against alcoholic and a drug dependence, for appetite correction.
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