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What can cause erection problems

DEPRESSION. Sexual excitement begins in your head and already from here is transferred down. The depression can weaken your desire and lead to erektilny dysfunction (impotence). On a twist of fate, many preparations for treatment of a depression suppress a sexual inclination and complicate an erection.

ALCOHOL. The use of hard alcoholic beverages can prevent an erection, but the effect, as a rule, is temporary. Good news is that moderate consumption of alcohol reduces risk of cardiovascular diseases. But at abuse, alcohol creates threat of development of erectile dysfunction.

MEDICINES. The excessive use of medicines, including preparations for normalization of the blood pressure, anesthetizing and energizers, can cause ED. Narcotic substances like amphetamines, cocaine and marihuana also provoke sexual problems at men.

STRESS. The stress negatively affects an organism, including on a penis. To consult with a stress change the way of life. Go in for sports, get enough sleep and, if necessary, address for the help to the expert.

ANGER. In a condition of anger there is a rush of blood to the person. But when you are going to have sex, the person, it at all that place where the rush of blood is necessary. Besides, about what romanticism there can be a speech when you storm, and it is not important, on whom your anger - is directed on your partner or on someone another.

ALARM. The constant concern and fear to fail in a bed, only will aggravate situation. Any concern negatively affects sexual life. The fear and the proximity avoiding which reason is the disturbing condition, threaten not only your sexual life, but also the relations as a whole.

COMPLETENESS IN THE MIDDLE AGE. Extra kilos can affect your sexual life, and not only because of decrease in self-image. At corpulent men less man's hormone of testosterone which plays important role in the course of sexual excitement and an erection is developed. Excess weight is also connected with a high blood pressure and consolidation of arteries which leads to reduction of inflow of blood to a penis.

LOW LIBIDO. A low libido, it not the same that erektilny dysfunction though signs can be similar. The low libido interferes with an erection and weakens interest to sex. The alarm, a stress, the underestimated self-image and some drugs can become the reason of decrease in a libido.

HEALTH. The erection directly depends on a state of health. Diabetes, a high blood pressure, consolidation of arteries, traumas of a spinal cord, multiple sclerosis - all this can promote erectile dysfunction.

HOW TO SOLVE PROBLEMS WITH ERECTION. It is awkward to many men to tell to the doctor about the problems in sexual life, but it is the best way to receive the help, and to restore proximity with your partner. The doctor can precisely define a source of a problem and find ways of its decision. There is an excellent preparation, it is called Viagra Super Force - can try it for treatment of sexual dysfunction. He can be accepted even to the patients having cardiovascular diseases and accepting nitrates.

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