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What determines the potency

Having conducted researches, the American scientists have come to a conclusion that, at the majority of men seldom leading sexual life a potentiality at all more low, than at those who lives twice more often. The rarity of the intercourses depended at them on the various factors, not allowing to show the potentiality to the full. On what the potentiality why one "carries" depends, and others consider themselves deprived?

On the one hand, any man's force is put in an organism by nature. In the same way, as there are people stronger or fast, hardy or sharp-eyed, and the potentiality at each person initially depends on the physical data.

However, the man - on all force of the stock given to it or half how can prove, depends on it grew in what conditions and with whom communicates. Certainly, rise above the natural limit anybody can't, but physically strong, healthy man has more than chances to show good results in bed at any age. Poor health, alcohol, drugs, excessive smoking, adiposity - all it doesn't allow to be shown even by nature good potentiality.

Unfortunately, men quite often aren't inclined to pay attention to the health while process doesn't come far and serious medical intervention isn't required. But negatively any operate on a potentiality practically diseases, and not just connected with sexual system - kidneys, genitals, a prostate, endocrine systems. After all any indisposition forces the person to concentrate on a pain, to think of possible complications, and at all about pleasures.

Certainly, if the person is sick of something many years, here will make nothing. But with what persistence ourselves undermine the health! Alcohol and smoking accompany us since a youth and at all don't improve health, so, and a potentiality. The unwillingness to go to doctors too complicates the subsequent treatment. Professional harm on work - in general a scourge of many modern men.

In the list of candidates on potentiality decrease, on the first place, perhaps, it is possible to put motorists and drivers. Constant jolting on roughnesses of road conducts to blood circulation infringement in genitals, to a stagnant inflammation of a prostate, and then and erection and desire decrease. There are the elementary ways of reduction of jolting at driving, but them neglect. Besides, despite numerous preventions, drivers very close contact to gasoline. Even if there is no obvious poisoning of an organism, hit of steams of gasoline in blood sharply reduces sexual abilities of the man.

Strongly the fans of winter fishing sitting on ice risk; "walruses", workers of hot shops, miners, seamen and many, many other things. Practically, to each man, hoping for the state care, it is necessary to look round on work and to define that can threaten its health in general and potentialities in particular. On a potentiality excess weight which has set of men negatively operates. The matter is that the fatty fabric as though burns hormones, and the excessive weight gives the raised loading on heart, vessels, muscles that complicates affinity and gradually are developed to it by the reserved relation.

Therefore the man aspiring to increase of a potentiality should watch the weight, if necessary to keep to a diet or days of limited intake of food. After all if many diseases arise irrespective of us adiposity - entirely in our power and we can get rid of it!

One of the most terrible enemies of a potentiality - alcohol. Ancient doctors spoke: «Wine raises desire, but deprives of possibility them to carry out». Alcohol obscures brains, reveals excitation, but simultaneously fatally operates on the centers of a spinal cord which know an erection and an premature ejaculation. Some men before affinity accept a liqueur glass «for a relaxation». Yes, it is known that small doses of alcohol remove stress, allow to forget about uncertainty in, about bad relations with the wife, about disorder in life. Therefore it can turn out better, than usually.

But each time «to accept on a liqueur glass» - a direct way to alcoholism. A unique correct exit - to change relations with the wife, to make of it the ally in bed, than each time is artificial to urge on itself. Affairs at the men who are on drugs is even worse are. From the point of view of sex there are no drugs weak or strong, all of them operate only negatively. Even what at some people are considered traditional even among teenagers (marihuana, hashish), quickly enough lead to sharp and quite often irreversible loss of a potentiality.

Drugs ruin not only will, but also a body, influencing the sexual centers, than alcohol even worse. The fairy tale that drugs aggravate sexuality, actually is reduced only to self-deception, illusion of the decision of all problems.

The huge role in display of a man's potentiality is played by psychological factors. Even in youth when the passion simply burns the man from within when it, apparently, is ready to the intercourse at any moment, the cold, inept woman can not allow to prove out to it. In marriage intim - the features. Opinion that all matrimonial problems dare in bed - simply fairy tale. Actually, bad relations with the wife don't allow to relax to the full and normally to be raised. The offended woman not begins to help the partner, and, probably, will make everything to complicate to it normal affinity.

Therefore are right, probably, there were the clever ancient Chineses saying that the main thing - to satisfy the woman. And unless it if you do not love it is possible, and she doesn't love you? Especially such discrepancy is shown with the years, and it is even more - if the constant partner, the wife is not revealed, constantly clamped, outwardly not sexual woman. Sometimes, without allowing the husband to prove to be the real man, she simultaneously reproaches him with man's weakness, though the reason of this "weakness" - she. Yes, so happens. But is after all and a counter question - and why the man hasn't managed (or hasn't wanted) to clear in it the woman whom it will be expensive not only as the head of the family and the father of children but also as the man …

With full cooling to "half" invisible to the world, but family fight lasting by years quite often comes to an end. That spouses divide house duties, love of children, friendship with friends or friends. And all such conflicts weaken internal communication of spouses, reduce value of intimate affinity, at the same time - and a potentiality of the man. Our education troubles with the son, a lack of money lead to that the man quite often lies down in bed anxious by own problems - the conflict on work.

That habitual thoughts don't allow to be given entirely to the excitation that is why the normal erection doesn't develop. If such condition repeats over and over again, the man has a fear not to justify expectation of the wife and the vicious circle turns out: I am afraid that at me it will not turn out, that is why I am not raised, and time I am not raised, and it is impossible. Repetition such on what of the particularly not founded oversights, reproaches of the wife, own experiences - all it leads to occurrence of a neurosis of expectation of failure which is at the bottom of potentiality decrease almost at 40 % of the men addressing to the sexopathologist.

This neurosis consists that the man from desire to give to the woman the pleasure involuntarily is switched to itself. He tremblingly waits, whether there will be at it an erection what she, watches, whether strongly it is raised etc. It turns out that instead of rest and pleasure, the matrimonial bed brings to it only vigilance and disappointment. Certainly, its potentiality falls.

At last, hard works, too active way of life which simply don't leave forces for sex can be the reason of decrease in a potentiality. It is clear that except the mentioned factors, the potentiality is influenced also by many other things, special in each specific case. So, for example, in our country complaints of men to potentiality decrease for one simple reason till now are frequent - they simply have no place to lead sexual life. After all not a rarity when in one room live the husband with the wife, two children and the mother-in-law.

Thus, it is possible to tell that potentiality display depends on congenital force, health of the man, alcohol intake or drugs, relations with the loved one. And, basically, the potentiality is a display of the general health. It is clear that in the conditions of improper feeding and disgusting ecology even men with good physical inclinations, can't show such potentiality as living in more favorable conditions, write bayki.

Unfortunately, till now the majority of men estimate the potentiality on purely physical indicators - to the sizes of genitals, frequency or duration of the intercourse, speed of occurrence of an erection. It is wrong, the potentiality can be defined is easier, how possibility to satisfy the woman. Differently, the potentiality of the man is estimated by the woman. Quite often one man lives with two women and one from it without mind, and another considers as the full impotent man. Why? Obviously, all depends on surprising and mysterious feeling of love which spiritualizes any words and acts.

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