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Brand Contractubex (Heparin sodium + alantonin + alinia extract 20 g)
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Heparin Sodium + Alantonin + Alinia Extract

Categories: Skin Care

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Contractubex helps to regenerate healthy skin cells, reduces the growth of connective tissue cells, removing visible scars. Contractubex has anti-inflammatory effect, relieves itching and restores normal pigment metabolism in the skin. In addition Contractubex softens and moisturizes the scar tissue. Contractubex can be used only after the skin wound or scar already healed. Contractubex recommend to use no more than three times a day. Contractubex is applied to skin in a thin layer and gently rubbed from the middle to the edge of the scar for one to two minutes until completely absorbed. In the treatment of chronic and hard scars gel recommend use 1-3 times per day and massaging movements. The treated gel surface at night you can close a pressure bandage to strengthen the action of the drug. Before applying Contractubex to soften the skin with a warm damp sponge. According to the manufacturer, the duration of treatment of scars is from 3 to 6 months, sometimes more. Contractubex stretch marks be used in exactly the same way as for the treatment of scars.

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