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Generic Creon

   other brand names ↓Creon (Pancrelipase 150 mg)
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Categories: Gastrointestinal

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Brand names: Panstal.
Imprints: Creon (pancrelipase) CREON LOGO = double R, Creon (pancrelipase) CREON 1206, Creon (pancrelipase) CREON 1212, Creon (pancrelipase) CREON 1224, Creon (pancrelipase) CREON 1203, Creon (pancrelipase) CREON 1236, Creon (pancrelipase) SOLVAY 1210, Creon (pancrelipase) SOLVAY 1220, Creon (pancrelipase) SOLVAY 1225, Creon (pancrelipase) SOLVAY 1205.
Manufacturer: Cipla Limited

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Creon is a gelatin capsule consisting of a mini-microspheres swine pancreatin. Gelatin capsules tend to dissolve rapidly in the stomach, releasing the beads, which are enteric-coated and easily mixed with the gastric contents. After dissolution, Creon with bolus enters the small intestine, where the dissolution of the microspheres shells and the yield of active substance. The active substance Creon has the ability to break down fats (lipolytic effect), carbohydrates (amylolytic effect) and proteins (proteolytic effect) after which food is absorbed in the intestine. Creon is practically not absorbed, providing a pharmacological effect in the intestinal lumen.

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