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Generic Locoid

   other brand names ↓Locoid (Hydrocortisone 0.127% 10 g)
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Categories: Inflammatory, Allergy, Skin Care

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Brand names: Efficort.
Manufacturer: Galderma Pharma SA

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Locoid (Hydrocortisone) is a hormonal drug intended for external use. All products have the ability to quickly remove the inflammation, eliminate swelling and to relieve severe itching. External medications Locoid (Hydrocortisone) used for treatment of skin that do not have wounds, scratches, and infectious inflammation. Use of funds is symptomatic external treatment of dermatitis (both allergic and inflammatory origin), as well as eczema and psoriasis. Hormonal component funds Locoid (Hydrocortisone) has a specific chemical modification, which enhances the effect of the substance is many times compared to a natural hormone produced by the human body. That is why Locoid (Hydrocortisone) relates to unique hormonal drugs which, subject to the application of therapeutic doses, not addictive. Because no addiction, and the withdrawal syndrome does not exist, and after you stop using drug the body works in normal mode, and the problem is not back again.

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