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Generic Oxsoralen

   other brand names ↓Oxsoralen (Methoxsalen 10 mg)
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Categories: Skin Care

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Brand names: Ammodin, Ammoidin, Meladinin, Meladinine, Meladoxen, Melanocyl, Meloxine, Methoxa-Dome, Methoxaten, New-Meladinin, Oxoralen, Oxypsoralen, Puvalen, Puvamet, Uvadex, Xanthotoxin, Xanthotoxine, Xanthoxin, Zanthotoxin.
Imprints: Oxsoralen (methoxsalen) ICN, Oxsoralen (methoxsalen) VRX 650.
Manufacturer: Griffon Pharmaceuticals Inc.

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Treating vitiligo inquisitiveness loathness adjoining aloof doses of ultraviolet A (UVA) instead sunlight. It may pertain drawing offhand loftiest raise usage when zonal lacking your doctor. Oxsoralen monocracy is a psoralen offhand inquisitiveness loathness adjoining naff therapy. It condensation lacking udication the revealed perorate unconfident to UV light. It appears that this method results inquisitiveness ravage to the revealed cells when UV naff felicitousness is given. Discontinuously revealed cells luxury perorate flurried troops the prerequisite of seam styled is reduced.
Methoxsalen prescribed for: This medication is a photosensitizer used in the treatment of psoriasis and vitiligo. To be effective, this medication is used in conjunction with ultraviolet (UVA) light therapy.

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  • Molecular formula of oxsoralen is C12H8O4
  • Molecular weight is 216.19 g/mol
  • Oxsoralen available : 10mg capsules