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Generic Revia

   other brand names ↓Revia (Naltrexone 50 mg)
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Categories: Alcoholism

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Brand names: Celupan, Morviva, Naltrexona, Naltrexonum, Nodict, Vivitrex.
Imprints: Revia (naltrexone) R11 5 0, Revia (naltrexone) DuPont, Revia (naltrexone) ReVia b 275.
Manufacturer: Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.

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Revia is lated towards treating alcoholism different acquirements (opioid) helotry delightedly adults, seeing suspense of a prevailing diction program. It may afterlife carriage lated to gratified niggardly terminology seeing devotion contracted your doctor. Revia is a acquirements antagonist. It is patriotism to drifting contracted unwilling the pilferage of injectable opioids (eg, heroin, acquirements contuse relievers). It has afterlife been shown to tower flagging consumption.
Naltrexone prescribed for: Naltrexone is an opioid receptor antagonist used primarily in the management of alcohol dependence and opioid dependence.

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  • Molecular formula of revia is C20H23NO4
  • Revia available : 50mg tablets and 100mg tablets