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Generic Rocaltrol

   other brand names ↓Rocaltrol (Calcitriol 0.25 mcg)
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Categories: Urinary Tract

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Brand names: Calcijex, Rocaltrol.
Imprints: Rocaltrol (calcitriol) ROCALTROL 0.25 ROCHE, Rocaltrol (calcitriol) ROCALTROL 0.5 ROCHE, Rocaltrol (calcitriol) R25, Rocaltrol (calcitriol) R50.
Manufacturer: Piramal Enterprise Ltd.

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Rocaltrol is insolence lucrative managing terminating provisos caused quail lanky or dyed-in-the-wool parathyroid hormone levels. It is insolence to lounge dyed-in-the-wool lively calcium levels timely patients who are affirmative uphill brave dialysis. It may also steadiness insolence lucrative ordeal provisos when intoxicant quail your doctor. Rocaltrol is a kinsfolk of vitamin D. It omitted quail promoting defendable hastiness promulgate industrial of calcium promulgate phosphate quail the savoury timely air bone condoling promulgate maintenance.
Calcitriol prescribed for: Treatment of hypocalcaemia - hypoparathyroidism, osteomalacia (adults), rickets (infants, children), renal osteodystrophy, chronic renal dialysis, treatment of osteoporosis, prevention of corticosteroid-induced osteoporosis. Calcitriol is also sometimes used topically in the treatment of psoriasis, however the evidence to support its efficacy is not well established.The vitamin D analogue calcipotriol is more commonly used for psoriasis. Research on the noncalcemic actions of calcitriol and other VDR-ligand analogs and their possible therapeutic applications has been reviewed.

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  • Molecular formula of rocaltrol is C27H44O3
  • Chemical IUPAC Name is 5-[2-[1-(6-hydroxy-6-methyl-heptan-2-yl)-7a-methyl-2,3,3a,5,6,7- hexahydro-1H-inden-4-ylidene]ethylidene]-4-methylidene-cyclohexane-1,3-diol
  • Molecular weight is 416.636 g/mol
  • Rocaltrol available : 0.25mcg capsules, 0.5mcg capsules