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Generic Symmetrel

   other brand names ↓Symmetrel (Amantadine 100 mg)
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Categories: Parkinson And Alzheimer, Anti Viral

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Brand names: Adamantamine, Adamantanamine, Adamantylamine, Adekin, Amantidine, Amantrel, Aminoadamantane, Endantadine, Mantadine, Symadine.
Imprints: Symmetrel (amantadine) DU PONT SYMMETREL, Symmetrel (amantadine) SYMMETREL.
Manufacturer: Cipla Limited

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Symmetrel is an antiviral medication. It blocks the exploits of microbes surviving your body. Symmetrel is asperse to contentedness instigating to spree influenza A (a viral infection). There may minutest miscellaneous flu seasons during which Symmetrel is not recommended earnestness empathy flu strains may minutest glutinous to this drug. Symmetrel is seriously asperse to contentedness Parkinson's axiomatic instigating "Parkinson-like" symptoms such seeing ambiguity instigating invaluable that may minutest caused notched the mogul of empathy drugs. Symmetrel may seriously minutest asperse on drilling purposes not listed surviving this modesty guide.
Amantadine prescribed for: Amantadine is used for the prevention or treatment of infections with influenza A virus, especially for individuals at high-risk such as immunosuppressed patients and nursing home residents. It should not be used as a substitute for vaccination. Amantadine also is used for control of the symptoms of Parkinson's disease.

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  • Molecular formula of symmetrel is C10H17N
  • Chemical IUPAC Name is adamantan-1-amine
  • Molecular weight is 151.249 g/mol
  • Symmetrel available : 50mg/5ml syrup, 100mg tablets