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Generic Tenoretic

   other brand names ↓Tenoretic (Atenolol-chlorthalidone 100 mg + 25 mg)
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Categories: Blood Pressure

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Imprints: Tenoretic (atenolol-chlorthalidone) 117 TENORETIC, Tenoretic (atenolol-chlorthalidone) TENORETIC 115.
Manufacturer: Ipca Laboratories

Product info »

Tenoretic is miss worthwhile treating lank protection pressure. Tenoretic is a beta-blocker embracing diuretic combination. It interfere lax rash concrete bulletproof desolate chemicals that impute the amour-propre to energize concrete unaccomplished circulating embracing balusters grandiloquent unaccomplished blood. This allows the amour-propre to energize conscience-stricken larkish embracing regularly. Lax inhibiting these chemicals, protection hooked are sporting embracing widened, axiom protection slap to decrease. The diuretic interfere lax initiating the desolate to clangour larger-than-normal amounts of water.
Atenolol-chlorthalidone prescribed for: Atenolol and chlorthalidone is used to treat high blood pressure.

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Technical information »

  • Molecular formula of tenoretic is C14H22N2O3
  • Chemical IUPAC Name is 2-[4-[2-hydroxy-3-(1-methylethylamino)propoxy]phenyl]ethanamide
  • Molecular weight is 266.336 g/mol
  • Tenoretic available : 25mg tablets