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Generic Vpxl

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Categories: Men's Health

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Brand names: VPXL.
Manufacturer: Herbal Kings

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The product to be reviewed is called VPXL which is one of the most popular male enhancement products today. First and foremost, VPXL stands for Very Penis Extended Long which is a little comical. The formula claims to permanently increase penis size and there is so much hype surrounding the product due to numerous advertisements online. The problem is that there is no website for the product. It is from a company called Herbal Express which doesn’t offer other products. The formula is 100% natural and it is a dietary supplement. VPXL claims to work by stimulating the natural growth of cells in the cavernous area of the penis to increase size permanently. It uses a blend of herbs and natural ingredients to do so. The formula also improves overall sexual performance and satisfaction by boosting sex drive, improving erection quality and improving sensation. It contains ingredients that increase testosterone level which directly improves libido. The formula also contains ingredients that enhance circulation which leads to more blood flow throughout the body including the penis area for fuller and longer lasting erections.

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