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Generic: Piracetam

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Active ingredient: Piracetam

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Piracetam prescribed for: Used to improve the metabolic processes occurring in the cerebral cortex in various diseases of the central nervous system, especially those related to vascular disorders and abnormal metabolic processes in the brain. Medicinal properties of piracetam is determined by its ability to enhance the integrative activity of the brain and intellectual activities, contribute to the consolidation of memory, improve learning processes, restore and stabilize the function of the brain, including in elderly and senile age. There is a positive effect of piracetam in patients with coronary heart disease in elderly and senile age. Marked potentiation of antianginal drugs, reducing the need for nitroglycerin, the regression of heart failure. Piracetam used in pediatric patients with various tserebrostenicheskih, encephalopathic disorders, memory disorders, mental deficiency, etc. There is evidence of usefulness of piracetam for reducing the effects of hypoxia and ischemia of the brain during acute viral neuroinfections.