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Oral contraceptives today one of the most popular ways of contraception. These drugs are selected individually after checking the hormonal levels of a woman, with regard to its physiological characteristics and concomitant diseases. Oral contraceptives of the third generation almost completely mimic a normal menstrual cycle and almost no side effects. The essence of oral hormonal contraception for women is to hinder ovulation or the introduction of a fertilized egg in the endometrium with progestins, or their combination with estrogens. Hormones temporarily suppress ovulation, inhibit ovarian function, so that inactive yellow body becomes unable to perform the role of "protector" of pregnancy. In addition, changing endometrium, motility & secretion in the fallopian tubes, slowing the passage thereon of the egg, increases the viscosity of mucus in the cervical canal of the uterus - all this almost to zero reduces the likelihood of fertilization and pregnancy development.