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Osteoporosis is a chronic systemic, metabolic disease that is characterized by decreased bone mass and structural adjustment, which leads to increased bone fragility and fracture risk. Of great interest to osteoporosis is currently due to its high prevalence, whether primary or secondary osteoporosis. The most common primary, cause of which is not only a lack of estrogen (female hormone), vitamin D, calcium, and a significant reduction in the intensity of metabolic processes of aging people, reducing life expectancy, the body's cells. In those cases where osteoporosis is a consequence of the basic falling sick, for example, revmatoydnogo arthritis, connective tissue disease, endocrine disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary falling sick, the tumor, it is called secondary osteoporosis. Osteoporosis develops gradually and clinically detected only after the fracture, which was the basis for calling it "a hidden epidemic". Clinical symptoms of osteoporosis is made up of spinal deformity, reducing the growth of the patient, pathological bone fractures. Moreover, fractures of the vertebrae are the most common types of osteoporotic fractures. According to the multicenter study of the frequency of osteoporotic fractures of vertebral bodies of origin was in the Moscow sample of persons 50 years of age and older an average of 12.2% in men and 12% - among women.